Photo of our Competition Team Dancer of The Year 2015-2016, Overall Junior Dancer Winner at Celebrity Las Vegas 2017...Jaxon Age 8.


 What is the Competition Team Intensive? The Competition Team Intensive is a 4 day dance training and team building series for our dancers that are considering Competing in the 2017-2018 season. Dancers will learn combinations, technique and routines in the disciplines of Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Musical Theater & Rhythmic Acro! Along with essential Team Building Skills on how to be an awesome DMSA Team Member...and of course, to meet friends! All dancers that are considering to Compete for DMSA will need to attend the Intensive! 

When is the Intensive?-August Date T.B.A.

The Cost: $225.00 (until August 1) and $240.00 if registering at the door.

Who: Dancers ages 5-18 that want to compete for DMSA! All levels are welcome! Pre Competitive Level, Competitive Level and Company Level! 

What is happening this 25th Anniversary season for our Competition Teams!  Getting back to the LOVE of DANCE!

"New" NO PRODUCTION THIS SEASON! A 25th Anniversary routine will be taught to dancers for our opening number of the Dance Concert only. (no competition Production or class this season)

"New" Disney Dance The Magic Event to be announced: Location: Disneyland  (not a mandatory event for any dancer, just an opportunity!)

"Tentative" Golden State Warriors Game Event! Dancers have been invited back for another performance on Warriors Ground for 2017-2018! (dancers ages 6 & up)

October 2017- One" Competition Team Convention-Santa Clara, CA  (DMSA Company dancers may have a slightly different schedule)

More manageable schedules for Competition this season! 

November 2017-1 (mandatory for DMSA Company dancers, all Competition Team Students are invited to attend, but not mandatory)

February 2017-1

March 2017-1 

April 2017-1

May 2017-1

Dates to Be Announced! (DMSA Company dancers may have a slightly different schedule)

and no Nationals this season! Taking a break from Nationals and giving the option to Dance with Disney's Dance The Magic Events! (DMSA Company dancers may have the option to attend Nationals in July) 

in addition...Master Classes & Guest Choreographers for Competition Routines will be held at DMSA from teachers  all over the states! Excited to share the art of dance with our students! 

Team Requirements: Attend the Competition Team Intensive/Audition, Summer Intensive will be held July 10-August 4 Due to family vacations...Competition Team Members can drop in to take class and are required to take at least 6 classes during the Intensive! (any class, any time!...just 6 HOURS total!) The Cost is $30.00 per class for a drop in rate! Or families will have the regular option of registering for 4 group-Unlimited classes. (DMSA Company will need to attend the Company Classes during the summer and are allowed to miss 4 Company Classes), 4 or more classes monthly Fall-Spring 2017/2018. (2 classes or more for Pre Competitive Students)

Fall-Spring Requirements:

Jazz Team-Ballet, Technique, Technique, Competition Team Class (4 groups)

Tap Team-Technique, Tap Technique, Competition Team Class (3 groups)

Hip Hop Team-Hip Hop Technique, Technique, Competition Team Class (3 groups)

Contemporary/Lyrical Team-Ballet, Technique, Technique, Competition Team Class (4 groups)

Musical Theater Team-Musical Theater Team, Technique, Technique (3 groups)

DMSA Company-DMSA Company Ballet, Ballet or Technique class,  DMSA Company Class (1 Competing group), Contemporary Competition Team (at the proper level), Private Lesson is optional

Pre Competitive Team Students ages 5-7-Ballet, Jazz/Tap Combo Competition Team Class (2 groups) attend 3 competitions

Sugarbabies Competition Team ages 5 & under-Ballet, Jazz/Tap Combo Competition Team Class or Hip Hop & Technique Class (2 groups) attend 3 competitions

and...more affordable costumes! DMSA has really tried to keep costume costs down. Now working with 2 vendors in NY, costume prices will keep going down! Proud to announce that the average costume for the 2017 Dance Concert was $49.80! That was including tights! Working with the vendors, hopefully our cost for Competition Costumes will go down!

25th Anniversary!! More dancing, more technique, more time, less cost!...and a new exciting season, making memories & friendships! 

TEAMS/AGES:  Pee Wee Team (6-8), Pixie Team (7-9), Petite Team (9-11), Junior Team (11-12), Teen Team (13+) Senior Team (14+) DMSA Company (8-18) and Production Team (5-18) Pre Competitive Team (5-6) & Sugarbabies Team (5 & under!)

Dancers can take extra technique classes during the Summer Session for make up's classes due to summer absences. Make up classes from the summer do not carry into the fall. Competitive dancers are encouraged to study dance in the summer to bypass any Competition financial penalties come Fall. Why penalties? Dancers improve over the summer on their skills, team building and staff organizes for the upcoming season. Dancers that skip the summer will be behind in their skill and it does cause staff to reorganize classes. This penalty only applies to current students that bypass summer classes. This penalty does not apply to New Students.

Dancers are to attend Auditions for proper placement. 

If you have questions regarding DMSA Competition Teams or DMSA Company please contact the studio for further details, pricing, costume information, schedules, etc.