All dancers/performers must have the disclaimer/policy form on file with a parent/legal guardians signature, or own signature if over 18 years old.  Parents/legal guardians are to fill out the registration form completely.  It is the parent/legal guardian's responsibility to read the Studio Policy Form at the time of Registration. To enroll in classes, all students are required to pay a non-refundable registration fee. Dancers have 4 weeks to attend a class after registration. There is no registration fee during the summer and all dancers are to pay an Annual Registration fee in September or at the time of New Student Registration. Registration is: $30.00 per student or $45.00 per family. There is a $10.00 re-enrollment fee for dancers that leave for one month or more during the September-June Session.  Class schedules can and will change if there are less than 4 students to a class or for any other reason detrimental to the studio.  Classes are closed when they reach the full capacity for the class.  Dancers will be placed on a waiting list, if a class is full.  As space becomes available, dancers will be called and placed into the classes.  Enrollment by phone, email or walk in is available. 

Dancemakers Studio of The Arts will accept payment by credit card, debit card, cash, money order or cashiers checks.  Personal checks are not accepted.  

Tuition is due the first week of every session. There is a $20.00 late fee for any tuition or fees that are late monthly.  These fees are added to your account automatically.  Credit card or cash is accepted for tuition.

Invoices are a courtesy and a friendly reminder that your tuition is due.  If there is an error on your invoice, please contact the office.
Any changes that you need to make to your dancers schedule will need to be changed in writing.  Please email the Director or Office Manager any changes and you will receive an email confirmation of your classes.

To avoid further charges on your charge card, please contact the office 14 days before your tuition is due to make any changes or drops.  You are fully responsible for contacting the office if dropping from any classes or from the studio.  Please contact the Director  by email.  Phone messages or phone call drops are not accepted.  You will be fully liable for any charges on your account, until the accounting department has received your drop notice in writing as stated on the signed registration/policy form.

Tuition is not pro rated for any reason.  There are no refunds for any reason.  Make up classes are available for any absences or missed classes due to holidays, etc. as long as the student is a registered DMSA student. Classes missed are to made up within 60 days of the missed class.

Dancers are to come in dress code to every class. Shoes, tights and dance wear are available to order

Dancers that arrive 10 minutes late or more to a class, will not be able to participate in the class.  This is due to disruption and due to injury.  Warm up’s take place at the beginning of class, students need to be warmed up to participate. Dropping off and picking up students behind the warehouse is not allowed.  Parking behind the warehouse is not allowed, that area is for employees only.  All dancers and parents must enter and exit through the lobby.  This is a safety guideline .  Please use parking anywhere in the front of the studio or on the sides of the building. 

No food or drink in the dance studio’s.  No street shoes, such as heels, are allowed on dance floors.  No gum!  No running or horse play inside of the studios.  No touching the mirrors, stereo, props or studio equipment as a safety precaution.  Parents, siblings, visitors are not allowed in the dance studio floors or props.

Parents are fully responsible for watching siblings in the lobby area and it their responsibility to clean up after children. Food/drink and gum are not allowed in the dance studio or lobby.  Colored sports drinks, coffee, soda’s, etc.  are not allowed in the studio or lobby areas.  There is no running, screaming, banging on walls, touching the glass windows or mini blinds for safety purposes.  Siblings are to please sit with their parents to avoid disrupting dance classes or vocal classes.  Dancemakers Studio of The Arts is not responsible for lost or stolen items, bring them at your own risk. No animals are allowed in the lobby or studio.  No smoking in the studio or lobby.   Parents can view classes in the Enchanted Studio. Plasma TV’s are set up in the lobby area for viewing of the Urban Studio and Classic Studio.  Viewing of these rooms is at the discretion of the staff member teaching. Touching the Plasma TV's and Air Conditioning/Heating Unit is not allowed.

Monday-Thursday 4:00-7:00PM

CONTACT US: For a copy of our Studio Policies & Waiver Form or 510-790-0133