TUITION & FEES SCHEDULE 2017-2018 (Please contact the studio for Tuition Pricing) Please note: Competition Team may have other fees not listed.



SESSION 1- August 7-September 1 Tuition Due: at the time of Fall Registration  

SESSION 2-September 4-October 1 Tuition Due: by 9/11-Auto Charge Date: 9/1 

COMPETITION TEAM: October Convention Fee will be due 9/5

SESSION 3-October 2-October 29 Tuition Due: 10/9 -Auto Charge 10/1                                                                                                                                                               

COMPETITION TEAM: Costume Deposits due 10/12

SESSION 4-October 30-November 26 Tuition Due: 11/6-Auto Charge 11/1                                                                                                                                                             

SESSION 5- November 27-December 19 Tuition Due: 12/4-Auto Charge 12/1

COMPETITION TEAM:  (No Competition Fees collected in December) Final balances on costumes due by December 1.

SESSION 6-January 3-January 29 Tuition Due: 1/8-Auto Charge 1/2

COMPETITION TEAM: Competition Fee 1 due by January 4.

SESSION 7-January 30-February 26 7 Tuition Due: 2/5-Auto Charge 2/1

COMPETITION TEAM: Competition  Fee 2 due by February 1.

SESSION 8-February 27-March 26  Tuition Due: 3/5-Auto Charge 3/1

COMPETITION TEAM: Competition Fee 3 due by March 1

SESSION 9-March 27-April 30   Tuition Due: 4/2-Auto Charge 4/1

ALL STUDENTS: Dance Concert Fee and Recreational Costumes due by April 1. COMPETITION TEAM: Competition Fee 4 due by April 2

SESSION 10-May 1-May 28 Tuition Due: 5/7 Auto Charge 5/1

SESSION 11-May 29-June 22 Tuition due 6/4 Auto Charge 6/1

ALL STUDENTS: Final balances on costumes and any outstanding tuition/fees due by June 7. After the 7th any outstanding balances will need to be paid in cash.

Please note that Tuition deducted automatically on the 1st - 2nd of each month, depending on the business calendar. Please be aware that it may take 2-3 days to see the charge on your account. A $20.00 late fee is added if tuition is not paid by the due date. Checks are not accepted for tuition. Visa/Master Card/Discover, Cash, Money Orders & Cashiers Checks are accepted. Invoices will be delivered for accounts that have outstanding balances.  

Please remember: If dropping a class or dropping from the will need to email the studio 14 days before the next session. Dropping the day before the billing cycle goes out will not be accepted. Please read the studio policies. 

HOLIDAYS: The studio and office will be closed for on the following dates...

Tuesday, July 4 (not in Tuition Schedule)

Monday, September 4 Labor Day (please arrange make up classes)

Tuesday, October 31 Halloween (please arrange make up classes)

Wednesday-Saturday November 22-25 (Thanksgiving, please arrange make up classes)

Wednesday-Tuesday December 20-January 2 (Winter Break, no make up's available)

Monday-Monday April 2-6 Spring Break (Spring Break-Non Tuition Week, No make up's available) 

Monday, May 28 Memorial Day (please arrange make up classes)

Please note: The studio is OPEN on Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Valentine's Day, President Holiday's